Connection to Buildly Core

Buildly React Template uses the Redux-Saga middleware library to handle interactions with Buildly Core. A store configuration is defined in the /src/redux directory and connected at the root level index.js file.

The /src/redux directory contains sub-directories for each entity. These contains the related .actions.js, .reducer.js and .sagas.js files.

Actions are dispatched directly by components. Each client has a separate .actions.js file which contains actions to create, read, update and delete.

Generator functions defined in the client’s .saga.js file watch for actions to be dispatched. When this happens, they call another function that uses the services provided in /src/modules. These services are responsible for commnunicating with the API. All sagas must be imported into the index.js file in this directory.

The .reducer.js files update the state with the responses from the server. All reducers should be imported into the index.js file within this directory.